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Save your money and the environment by trusting Ampower Lighting Services to convert the lighting in your current commercial space to a highly energy-efficient lighting system. Beginning with our lighting and building audits, we follow a meticulous process and make sure you’re satisfied every step along the way. We are conveniently available 24/7!

Saving Costs on Energy Bills
Commercial and industrial buildings use far more lighting than other properties, partially due to their size but also because many businesses rely on constant lighting to keep their productivity and sales on track. For these commercial spaces, this means higher energy costs and frequently replacing light bulbs – taking time away from their work. Transitioning to an energy-efficient lighting system will not only lower your energy cost by eliminating much of the energy wasted with traditional lighting, but they also have a much longer shelf-life. Whatever your specific lighting needs may be, our experienced technicians are equipped to design and install all types of light control from LED to HID. With a lighting conversion or installation from Ampower Lighting Services, our trained professionals are sure to provide you with a lighting solution to best suit your energy and financial needs, saving you time and money.

Government Incentives
By applying an energy-efficient lighting system your return on investment will already be high due to lofty savings on energy and maintenance cost. But it will likely be even higher when you consider that a conversion from Ampower Lighting Services also includes a government incentive, covering 80% of your project’s capital cost.

Saving the Environment
Upgrading your commercial lighting does more than save you and your business from paying high energy costs; it also helps our environment by reducing the emission of harmful greenhouse gases. With a professional installation of any of our energy-efficient lighting systems, you can have the peace of mind that your business is also doing its part for the environment.

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